Wherever I sense a good wine I drop in for a while. So why shouldn't I visit a town called Eger famous for its wine. Therefore, if I missed this town, it would be the biggest mistake in my life.

There are wine-cellars everywhere, at the foot of the massive fortress, underneath the beautiful houses of the town center, near the Bazilika, in the Valley of the Beautiful Woman and on the gentle slopes of the Bükk mountain.

The length of Eger's wine cellars are almost as long as the length of the streets in the town. The local people are as fond of their wine-cellars as their own homes. They decorate them both; the inside of the cellars are often ornamented with stone-cutting...

Bor crescendo

(from the weakest one to the strongest):

"The dry white wine before the sweet one,
the dry white wine before the red,
the light red one before the sweet white one which tastes like liqueur,
but the new one can only be tasted before the old one."

" I am sitting here in the warmth of this cellar
surrounded by a lot of good friends,
and pouring into my glass Eger's good wine.
Good fellows, good wine-
Do I need anything else? When we are having a whale of a time"

Petõfi Sándor: The sounds of Eger
February 1844)

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